• Bem vindo ao Departamento de Filosofia


Welcome to the Department of Philosophy!

Director: Roberto Merrill

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Minho is responsible for teaching projects in the area of ​​Philosophy at the University of Minho: the Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, the Master’s Degree in Political Philosophy, and the Doctorate in Philosophy. The Department also works closely with the two research centres at the School of Letters, Arts and Human Sciences at UMinho: the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS) and the Centre for Humanistic Studies at the University of Minho (CEHUM).

The Department gives due importance to the dialogue between Philosophy and other areas of Culture: Arts and Humanities, History and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technologies. Thus, its projects cover the different fields of Philosophy: Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Technology – giving special emphasis to contemporary approaches.

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Prof. Roberto Merrill 

Head of Department

Email: roberto.merrill@elach.uminho.pt

Prof. José Manuel Curado 

Vice-head of Department

Email: jmcurado@elach.uminho.pt

Prof. João Ribeiro Mendes 

 Director of the Bachelor Degree

Email: jcrmendes@elach.uminho.pt

Helena André

Tecnical Assistant

Email: helenaa@elach.uminho.pt

Telefone: 253 601641